Welcome to WIDE STEPS

visual marketing studio!

My name is Sigita Musauskaite,
nice to meet you!


I am a branding and communication specialist, columnist and fashion stylist. My professional journey has been going on for over than 7 years and I’ve decided it is the time to share my experience and help brands to create their unique style that sells.


Before I start building my studio, I’ve worked as a project manager in leading corporations, marketing agencies and brands such as Betsafe, Incognitus and Ali sokoladine. At that time, I realized that my uniqueness is a strong aesthetic perception and I began to delve deeper into it. Currently, I am working as a freelance branding and communication specialist with a few fashion and beauty brands. Besides, I am working as a columnist in SwO magazine.

Fashion background


Apart from work, I constantly revolve around various fashion projects whose main essence is to create. Not a secret, I was always passionate about fashion. A few years ago I created my fashion blog WIDE STEPS, which became the forerunner of the creation of my studio. It was a big step towards my dream and now I am more than happy to be part of this industry.


At this moment, I am writing articles about the fashion business, styling exciting photoshoots, participating in fashion events and collaborating with greatest designers and brands. Eventually, last year I participated in Paris and Milan fashion weeks.

Why did I decide to create my image studio?

Big ambitions and a strong desire to create that led me to take a big step further. However, the main reason is that throughout my experience, I have met the most amazing professionals in my field, whom I can trust and create only the best product.


You are more than welcome to check out my latest works and don’t be afraid to ask. I believe my team and I will help your brand to gain a new image that sells!